Shots from drone



Nowadays shots from the top are a very important part of any project. By the use  of  drone videos we will show theprofile of your company, the organized event or a specific place, also we will provide an accurate description and location of the event on previously recorded video material, combining both elements already in post-production.

Short and long wedding videos


Short and  long wedding videos or thanks to parents are currently the most recognizable elements of wedding filmography. In our productions we concentrate on precision of creating movies, preserving the history of the day and connecting everything strictly with music, which gives them unforgettable character.




Trailers and advertising spots


Advertising, sport and trailer movies have a wide appeal and they are very important element of a  presentation of the characters, companies and brands. Our assumption is to create a film very practical, showing the preferences of our client from the smallest detail to the overall picture, using a variety of tricks at the cameraman's work and using the modern technology in post-production.

My name is Radosław Ruczka and I am the authour of R2 Films. I never supposed that I would ever become a filmmaker, from the beginning of my life I was attached to sports. I have always liked to watch and observe. When I grabbed the drone for the first time, I knew that this was the beginning of something new. That what was seemed to me normal from down, showed me a completely new perspective from above. In this way I realized, that if I wanted to record everything, I need something more. Cameras confirmed me in belief that I like saving moments, moreover every element of editing craft which I learn, enjoy me more and more. Since the beginning I was accompanied by the assertion that our life is our film and we record to capture emotions and small details, stopping time and recording everything what lead us in that moment. Privately, in addition to filming I spend a lot of time improving my sports and linguistic skills, and my high ambition leads me towards continuous development. I like working with people creating new projects for them and I am willing to learn about the fields they work on them. Besides to proposing my own ideas, I often listen to the creativity of the other person, so that our cooperation could be as creative as possible. Covering the way by car, plane or train is a pleasure for me, so I reach to my clients even to the farthest places.


Every movie is inimitable. It arises from emotions carrying a given moment. It incorporates  the  smallest details as well as the biggest events. While wedding filming, we try to catch as best we can vibes of the ceremony and we believe, that it is visible in our productions. We create our advertising movies based on double motion - the camera and the filmed object, which gives each project fluidity and it emphasizes the advantages of the advertised product. In sports movies, we often focus on dynamics, because it shows the hard work of each athlete. And all this with the addition of shots from above that will delight everyone. 







We are creating memories in a better dimension.

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